Les Contes Secrets ou les Rhomériens

Des personnages surgissent des films d'Eric Rohmer pour dévoiler leur raison d'être, leur destin, leur histoire, expliquer les motifs de leurs actes face aux jeux et aux enjeux de la séduction et de l’amour, de la morale et des épreuves de l’existence, leurs voix et leurs traits sont ceux de 16 célèbres acteurs rohmériens.

Une aventure artistique qui révèle un processus de création unique.

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Production Productions de la Lune Montante,
Hans Bronsgeest et Marie Binet
Réalisation Marie Binet
Scénario Marie Binet
Image Nicolas Brunet, Stefan Zapasnik, Michel Bercq
Son Nicolas Favre
Montage Jean-Luc Thomas
Musique originale Sebastien Teulié
Interprétation Féodor Atkine, Marie-Christine Barrault, Jean-Claude Brialy, Florence Darel, Arielle Dombasle, André Dussollier, Françoise Fabian, Pascal Greggory, Amanda Langlet, Melvil Poupaud, Serge Renko, Marie Rivière, Rosette, Béatrice Romand, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Zouzou
Format Betacam digital. Couleur
Durée 90'
Année de production 2005


The Secret Tales… or The Rohmerians

Eric Rohmer’s most beloved film characters leap off the celluloid surface to share their darkest of secrets…They reveal their reasons for being, their fates, their stories. They divulge the motivations that prompted them to action in the high-stakes ventures of love, seduction, morality and life’s not so small challenges. Their voices and faces belong to sixteen of Rohmer’s most celebrated actors, who take us on a cinematic ourney and shed light on a very unique creative process.

About Eric Rohmer…
From 1957 to 1963, Eric Rohmer served as editor-in-chief for the legendary film journal, Cahiers du Cinéma, where he first teamed up with fellow French New Wave filmmakers Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Jacques Rivette and Claude Charbrol — a group that would soon turn the film world on its head and literally re-write the lexicon of cinema. He has directed numerous documentaries and fifty-one narrative films, including “My Night at Maud’s,” “Claire’s Knee,” “Pauline at the Beach,” “Summer,” and “Triple Agent.” Now 85, Eric Rohmer is currently in pre-production on his next feature.

About the filmmaker…

Born in France, Marie Binet was a student of arts and letters. She spent four years writing for film periodicals, has published several books, and has directed more than thirty documentary films — on everything from human interest stories in Mongolia, Egypt, Morocco and Kenya to the fine arts, theater and music. Among them, her film “Noir Comment?” has garnered several international awards.
Early in her career, Binet spent three decisive years as Eric Rohmer’s assistant.


Production Company Productions de la Lune Montante
Producers Hans Bronsgeest & Marie Binet
Director Marie Binet
Script Marie Binet
Camera Nicolas Brunet, Stefan Zapasnik, Michel Bercq
Sound Nicolas Favre
Editor Jean-Luc Thomas
Original Music Sebastien Teulié
Format Digital Betacam, Color
Running Time 90 minutes
Year of Production 2005
Contact Marie Binet (producer/director)

About the film…

“The Secret Tales or The Rohmerians” is a documentary film about the creative process, writing, directing, the actor’s craft and the meaning of life. As one of Eric Rohmer’s former collaborators, I thought the moment had come to bring together some of the characters from his very “human comedies” and explore their universe.

The film is constructed around a quest for a secret. In our many conversations over the course of the years, Rohmer inadvertently gave me several keys to his work. I took seven of them - seven quotes - and used them to approach the principle themes in his work and to trigger a dialogue with his actors, while remaining as respectful as possible to his “authorship”. The film is also a reflection on the passage of time. The stars of Rohmer’s early breakthrough films - Françoise Fabian, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Marie-Christine Barrault, Jean-Claude Brialy, Zouzou - still feel very much like the protagonists they embodied, even some thirty years later, and send their creator a personal message by way of our camera. Several actors - Béatrice Romand, Arielle Dombasle, Pascal Greggory - have launched long careers in Rohmer’s trusted hands. We’ve watched them grow up, evolve and mature, from one film to the next, their changing roles reflecting their evolving status and craft as actors.

Still others - André Dussollier, Feodor Atkine, Marie Rivière, Serge Renko, Florence Darel, Melvil Poupaud, Amanda Langlet and Rosette - conscious of all the hopes and desires the filmmaker has breathed into their fictional lives, agreed to play along and pass on a few of the master’s secrets that they’ve been privy to.

Little by little, a portrait of Eric Rohmer begins to emerge.

This engaging dialogue has us all yearning to enter into the conversation ourselves, for it speaks of situations, dilemmas so common to us all. It is that exploration of the human heart that Eric Rohmer has pursued over the course of fifty-five years. “The Secret Tales…” is a film made up of penetrating, often moving and always witty interviews, liberally peppered with clips from some of Rohmer’s most beautiful films. It endeavors to tap into the life-long lesson in life that Rohmer has so generously shared with all his collaborators, and one that I would very much like to share with the public.

- Marie Binet
 © Productions de la Lune Montante 2005

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